Research and Development is the core strength of Privi Life Sciences and it drives the company's ambition of delivering superior and innovative range of products to create a significant impact in the nutrition segment for its core areas of interests - agriculture, animal and human wellness. A strong thrust in research is ensuring the organization's ability to deliver Green Chemistry Solutions from Seeds to Harvest and achieve the vision of 'Micro Input, Macro Impact and Zero Residue"

Research and development activities are taken care of by a team of professionally qualified, highly skilled and dedicated professionals with multi-disciplinary expertise across plant sciences, agriculture and chemistries. Privi has state of art research laboratories located at the headquarters at Mumbai and at the manufacturing plant at Roha.

Research Development
Research Development

The formulation department is focused to develop innovative formulations catering to the diverse needs by integrating the latest technologies and chemistries. The application research team is actively involved in laboratory and field studies to assess and improve product efficacies. The field team is focused on generating data on various aspects of crops for multiple seasons and locations to ensure consistency in results.

The technical team is constantly engaged and focused to understand the mode of action of different formulations for efficacious performance. The management of Privi Life Sciences encourages and takes initiatives towards up-gradation of knowledge and skills of the members of R&D team. The Research team is constantly exploring new chemistries and technologies to deliver new products in the fields of agriculture, animal and human wellness.

Privi actively participates in technical conferences and seminars to showcase its technologies and product range. The team has published over 15 research articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals having high impact factors. Privi is ensuring sustainability by patenting technologies.

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