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Novixa International Limited (Kenya)

Novixa International Limited is part of the $15 Million Jumbo group having business interest in Foam Mattresses, Water Tanks and Agriculture. The parent company is a leading player in the business of Roto-moulded water tanks and mattresses in Kenya.

Novixa International Limited is an Agri Input company established with a vision of Redefining Agriculture Solutions in the region and beyond. Novixa is the sole distributor of Privi Life Sciences. The product range includes innovative formulations in the agro vertical that build the immunity of the crop from the very initial stages and improve the uptake of all essential nutrients from the soil and their utilization in the plant system to enhance yields and quality of produce.

Novixa's mission is to maximize the farmer’s profitability by providing high quality products at affordable price, yet safeguarding environment through reduced chemical usage.



Moreco is a Belgian company, based at Morocco which is specialized in producing and developing of Bio-Revolutionary products for humans, Animals and Agriculture with the principle 1 World 1 Health! Their products are developed by Professor Emeritus Dirk Vanden Berghe well known for the invention of the O.S.A (Acid Ortho Silicate) holder of several international patents and more than 250 peer reviewed.

Moreco started the commercialization of these products from Casablanca of Morocco. Moreco is a company with significant relevance for agricultural ecology, the environment, livestock and people. Not one firm or industry is the same, each with its unique operating procedures or with product types demanding a uniquely specific focus. Moreco's strength is that it does not adjust the environment to fit procedures but that it adjusts its procedures to fit the required needs.


BN Producers, Rawanda

BN Producers is a Rwanda based commercial entity having a multifaceted approach to commercialize agriculture produce. The Company also aims to create a framework of creating employment and improving the feeding of Rwandan population.

BN Producers ventured into the business by starting production of fresh mushrooms and processed mushrooms products. The project was dedicated to produce mushroom seeds, fresh mushroom and processed into dried mushroom and mushroom powder. The target market for the products is direct -to consumers, hotels and high end restaurants and hotels. The project intends to expand the market to the Europeans consumers in the near future. They are also manufacturing banana wine for domestic consumption.

BN Producers is partnering with Privi Life Sciences in distributing Privi's agri-input range in the Rwandan farming fraternity.


Green Seal Company, Columbia

The Green Seal Company® is a company that through its research has developed highly effective products for agricultural use, such as fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides and is promoting agriculture with low environmental impact. The Green Seal Company® provides a comprehensive benefit for our customers providing tools for sustainable agriculture in organic and conventional crops

The Green Seal Company® is committed to providing the necessary support to its users in the short, medium and long term and has a team of professional and dedicated staff for technical support of its products.

Green Seal is partnering with Privi Life Sciences in distributing Privi's agri-input range in Columbia and adjoining countries


Fungicide India Limited , India

FIL Group is a diversified business organization with interests across several sectors. Established in 1989, FIL Group has been able to create a name for itself in India. Through three decades of commitment, learning, and exposure, FIL Group has been able to successfully create a mark across the lengths and breadths of India. Already a leader in the horticulture sector, FIL Group has established its name in food and beverages, infrastructure development, healthcare and handicrafts.

As a business organization with interests in agriculture, food and beverage, infrastructure development, and hospitality, FIL Group seeks to contour a better world for the community and end consumers.

FIL is partnering with Privi Life Sciences in distributing Privi's agri-input range among the apple grower community in India


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