Privi Life Sciences is a research based formulation organization with interests in Crop, Human and Animal nutrition. We have current operations in the Agri-Inputs vertical with a range of products for Soil Health, Speciality Nutrients, Micro-nutrients, Nutrient based Immunity Boosters and Bio-stimulants. The Privi Group, with a business legacy of over 30 years in the Aroma Chemicals vertical, ventured into the agribusiness domain through Privi Life Sciences. This venture was conceived by the management following their acquaintance and in-depth interactions with Prof Dirk Vanden Berghe, an Emeritus Professor, at the Antwerp University at Belgium. Prof Dirk had extensively researched the Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA) molecule and finally patented the process of stabilization of this molecule.

About Privi Life Sciences
About Privi Life Sciences

A wide range of applications of this molecule were conceived thereafter. Ortho Silicic Acid is a natural molecule existing in the soil and has assorted roles in improving the quality of life of all life forms on Earth.The Privi think tank has a vision of innovating ingenious technologies which propagate and enhance the well-being of mankind. Privi Life Sciences as an organization focuses all operations and production for eco-friendly and residue free Agri-input products which was christened as Micro Input, Macro Impact and Zero Residue, which is the essence of our Vision "Innovision for a Better Life". The Zero Residue approach works on a Preventive and curative level and with eco friendly products it gives yields that are safe for human consumption. This also enhances & helps improve the soil quality whilst also ensuring sustainable agriculture.

Privi believes that optimal nutritional status of crop is the secret for reducing the heavy use of synthetic pesticides to combat the incidence of pest and disease. Optimal nutritional status triggers crop innate immunity and also strengthens the defence mechanism.

Privi Life Science commenced activities in 2010 following collaboration with Ultima International, SRL. Privi had pioneered the application of the stabilized Ortho Silicic Acid in agriculture and the formulation was launched commercially with under the brand name "Silixol", as a speciality nutrient for agriculture. Extensive field studies and studies at accredited research institutes and agricultural universities were undertaken to ascertain the product efficacy.

About Privi Life Sciences
About Privi Life Sciences

The product has received an overwhelming response from the farming fraternity which led to the indigenous manufacturing of the product in 2012 which enabled Privi to expand its operations across various geographical regions within India targeting all categories of crops - horticultural and field crops.

The acceptance of product in India encouraged us to expand our operation in Kenya in 2013 with initiation of commercial operations in 2014. These initial achievements and successes have led to an expansion of the organization’s presence both nationally and internationally. At present Privi Life Sciences has foot-prints in parts of USA, Latin America, West and East Africa.

The journey was not only limited to expand the geographical areas of operations but focused efforts were also made to increase the product offerings. Products were introduced for diverse target problems prevalent in agriculture over a period of time.

Currently Privi has product solutions for Soil Health, Speciality Nutrients, Micronutrients, Immunity Boosters and Bio-stimulants and would shortly be launching its range of Human Wellness products.

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