Privi Life Sciences encourages and applies innovation to every aspect of business, whether to solve a unique customer challenge, to advance our product and service offering or to re-imagine the way we conduct business. Privi Life Sciences has an open innovation approach and is very keen to strategic alliances and to Joint Development Agreements.

Intellectual property management is important to Privi Life Sciences. We make strategic decision about the importance of protection IP assets and we plan actions and budget accordingly

Privi Life Sciences will always protect its own IP assets. We preserve, improve, transfer and enforce intellectual property rights in a methodical way, to create value and maximize IP assets, in conformity with the organization's goal


Privi Life Sciences has a confidentiality program. We inform staff about their obligations towards trade secrets; we control access to premises, confidential documents and electronic files; we include appropriate confidentiality provisions in employment, consulting and partnering agreements

Privi Life Sciences has standard documents for Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, as well as for Material transfer Agreements. We don't work with third parties that don't want to sign these documents and that don't provide references.

Privi Life Sciences has a copyright program. We put copyright notices on all publications, packaging and website pages and we register significant works

Privi Life Sciences has a patenting program. Employees submit invention disclosures to the IP manager, who reviews the invention disclosures, files timely applications on important advances to obtain a solid coverage, and files foreign applications of the most important applications. We maintain applications depending on their value to the organization, and we enforce patents as appropriate.

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