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PRIVI AMPLY- 5 is unique blend of plant stimulators identified by agriculture scientist as essential for higher flowering and fruit setting. PRIVI Amply-5 provides unique formulation of amino acids fortified with natural antioxidants, phyto-enzymes and low molecular weight organic acids.


  • Profuse flowering
  • Helps to reduce flower drop
  • More number of fruits
  • Higher Yields
  • Quality Yield

PRIVI AMPLY- 5 can be used on all kind of vegetables, fruits and oilseed crops.

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Crop Nutrition

Nutrin Nutrivit Amply5
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Privi CalSi-B++, a specialty nutrient, is a source of Calcium and Boron fortified with Magnesium and Zinc. Privi CalSi-B++ is the source of nitrate and chloride free calcium, making it suitable for use during initial reproductive stages of plant. It is aimed to improve the quality and quantity of produce in horticultural crops and corrects the nutrient deficiency of calcium, boron, magnesium and zinc. It is as per FCO specifications